FOX NFL Theme doesn’t work with EVERY FOX Sports Telecast! (a.k.a., How Eric Shanks Screwed up the FOX Sports Musical Arrangement)

There is NO doubt that you heard the awesome FOX NFL Sunday theme music during the 2011 NFL season. In a recent FOX Sports commercial, comedian JB Smoove called the fanfare “the greatest sound in the world.” It certainly is one of the best pieces of sports television theme music in the world, but the President of FOX Sports, Eric Shanks, seems to forget that the NFL fanfare should be used exclusively for football. In 2010, during the network’s coverage of the National League Championship Series, they made a call to the theme music bullpen and substituted the longtime Major League Baseball theme, which includes the first six notes of the NFL Sunday music at the very end, for the NFL on FOX music.  The reason, you ask?

According to Mr. Shanks, “When we were taking a look at recent tapes, we decided that baseball deserves a faster pace and more upbeat music. There’s no better music than the FOX Sports theme for the NFL.”  Additionally, Shanks noted “It’s becoming a real FOX Sports theme, and it gives all of our sports sort of that marquee feel and it gives us a more upbeat way to come on the air.”

So, that explains why you are now hearing the theme to NFL on FOX for every damn sporting event covered by FOX, even NASCAR and UFC! Don’t get me wrong, ladies and gentlemen, I love the FOX NFL Sunday theme music and FOX Sports,(admittedly, I’ll hum the theme music as I walk around the house), I just don’t love the fact that they use the music for other sports. I’m even a little weary at the fact that the theme is used for the network’s coverage of college football. If they use it for college football, they should give it a marching band flair. 

Shanks’ decision has been met with controversy and negativity from viewers nationwide. There are numerous Facebook pages which protest the change, such as “The Fox Sports Theme Music Restoration Project,” “Bring back the MLB on Fox theme music,” “Bring back the Nascar on Fox theme music,” and “Fire Eric Shanks as President of Fox Sports.”

Eric Shanks has done some good for FOX Sports, such as bringing the Pac-12 Championship Game and Big Ten Championship Game to primetime, and bringing UFC to broadcast TV, but he fumbled the ball when he chose to incorporate the NFL theme across all FOX Sports broadcasts. It just doesn’t fit. The FOX football music should only be used for FOOTBALL, nothing else.

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